Differentiated Approach

A Differentiated Approach to Management Consulting

Bridge's consulting philosophy and approach reflect the demands of today's marketplace.

Executive Issues and Concerns Bridge Strategy Group Philosophy/Approach
Fatigue from large-scale change programs and never-ending consulting projects Favor of smaller, discrete initiatives that yield results quickly
Compressed timeframes for results Structure projects to include “no regret” pilots for rapid capture of benefits
One-size-fits all approach to engagements and associated costs that are difficult to cost justify Provide the experience of blue-chip firms, but more flexibly and cost-effectively, to accelerate insight and results delivery cycles
Demand greater depth of understanding of technology to support strategy and operations improvement Our consultants have differentiated, cross-functional experience in strategy, operations, and technology
Need for better balance between analysis and experience-based intuition in developing and implementing strategies Deploy smaller, more experienced cross-functional teams, led by director-practitioners
Reluctance to engage with outside resources that develop a strategy, but little else Our mission is to help our clients deliver superior, sustainable, and rapid results, not strategy binders
Need for a more collaborative working style, which facilitates client input and knowledge transfer throughout the engagement The Bridge Way emphasizes a “client first” operating focus and a collaborative, and collegial delivery approach



Executive Issues and Concerns

Bridge Strategy Group Philosophy/Approach