Meet the Staff

Making Change Happen

I came to Bridge with a background in change management and organizational effectiveness. Having worked previously in a large consulting firm, I was becoming disillusioned with the effectiveness of large transformation efforts and was seeking a firm that could help clients really make a difference. I came to Bridge because I identified with the firm's philosophy on how to add value.

Bridge believes in delivering results quickly. Quick results imply two things: 1) a practical solution and 2) organizational buy-in.

Bridge will not deliver a solution to the client that does not demonstrate practicality and consider potential organizational ramifications. We address an organization's needs as a part of the solution and not as an afterthought.

For example, I recently worked on a project focused on expense reduction at a direct insurance writer. The solution for this client consisted of a rapid sourcing effort combined with a transformation of its procurement organization. Bridge's small, experienced team transferred knowledge and skills to the client organization through formal training and informal coaching. Client personnel emerged with better analytical and change management skills. In a few short months, client personnel had not only grasped the concepts of strategic sourcing but were well on their way to operate successfully without the need for consulting support.

Bridge's approach ensures satisfaction for all: the client obtains enduring results while Bridge consultants come away from each experience taking pride in a job well done.