Meet the Staff

Leveraging Industry Expertise

Prior to joining Bridge Strategy Group, I was on the client side of consulting projects. As a manager in various operating roles, I valued consultants who could provide structured and fact-based analysis, recommendations that were creative, yet actionable, and implementation that was tailored to my business needs and timeframes.

I chose to leave industry and join Bridge because it is a firm that shares these values. Knowing what it is like to sit on the "receiving end" of a consulting study, I am proud to be part of the hands-on approach Bridge brings to strategy consulting. I enjoy working with experienced consultants and fellow industry-transplants like myself as we strive to deliver tangible results quickly.

I believe our work approach is truly distinctive. The blend of experienced consultants and people with operating experience gives us a unique perspective on a variety of business issues. And it is always refreshing to hear a client comment on the value we are adding to the situation at hand.

In many ways, I get the best of both worlds. At Bridge, I can experience the "rush" of helping clients succeed without losing that feeling of being close to the front lines.