Meet the Staff

Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I joined Bridge with an entrepreneurial background, having run and held ownership positions with small to mid-sized manufacturing and retail companies. Throughout my time at Bridge I have been able to nurture my entrepreneurial spirit while learning and developing in a unique environment.

I was looking for a firm where I could make a positive and lasting impact on clients by developing creative and flexible solutions to their business problems. Bridge is just such a firm. Each engagement includes the required fact-based and analytics needed to solve our client’s highest priority issues. But, our solutions are not constrained by “standard” approaches. Rather, we utilize both our and the clients’ experience, knowledge and creativity, along with proven frameworks, to develop implementable solutions specific to the client and its situation.

Working closely with Bridge colleagues and the leadership at our client organizations on a day-in day-out basis supports my development in ways I hadn’t experienced in my entrepreneurial life. Bridge consultants are at the forefront of their areas of expertise and I have the opportunity to work closely with and learn from them every day. This has allowed me to develop further as a problem solver, a consultant, a business manager, and as an entrepreneur providing me the ability to have even greater impact on both our clients’ business and our business.