Why Join Bridge?


Bridge offers a unique environment for professional growth.

Many smaller, boutique consulting firms are industry-, functional-, or product-focused. Bridge is truly a general management firm.

We believe the consulting professional can enjoy the following opportunities at Bridge, among others:

  • Working side-by-side with experienced Directors and practitioners on each engagement
  • Being in an entrepreneurial environment, where the whole team is truly invested in the firm’s and the client’s success
  • Contributing to the sustained growth of the brand and firm
  • Enjoying a strong, shared culture
  • Having significant responsibilities and roles early on in your career
  • Taking advantage of senior team members that are committed to your growth and success
  • Enjoying the people with whom you work, as well as the type of client problems you address
  • Being rewarded with competitive total compensation and wealth-building

Bridge has a unique culture, built upon strong principles that guide our professional behavior. We believe that adhering to these principles allows us to deliver superior insights to our clients, to create an energizing environment for everyone who works with us, and to continuously provide growth opportunities for our staff.

Why We Exist

  • The Client Comes First
  • Each of us is a steward of the firm, its future, and our careers
  • We have an obligation to contribute beyond our work



  • We are not bound by conventional wisdom
  • We owe our the clients the very best we are capable of producing
  • We are intellectually curious


  • The quality of one's ideas is what counts
  • Every success is a team effort
  • We share the wealth accordingly
  • We enjoy working with our clients and colleagues


  • We accept responsibility for our performance and career trajectory
  • We must see to it that work itself is enjoyable


  • Clients and colleagues can rely on the integrity of our counsel and on our integrity as individuals
  • Core to our values is respect for both clients and colleagues