Sales & Marketing Management

Affiliation and Attitudes Drive Teen Shopping Patterns

Qualitative research examines teen affiliation with various subcultures of “tribes” and reveals insights into the attitudes and behaviors driving shopping patterns of today’s teenagers. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Brand Experience, Consumer & Retail

Customer Relationship Management Comes of Age

As the applications and technologies used to organize and analyze customer information mature, IT executives, analysts and vendors are tackling some tough issues - how to take customer knowledge and make it actionable; how to measure return on investment tangibly from new and existing customer relationship initiatives; and how to leverage existing IT infrastructure and investments with new customer-facing applications. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Sales Force Effectiveness, Operations Architecture, Insurance Cost Management, Insurance Information Technology Strategy & Planning

Navigating Distribution Channels

The route from carrier to consumer often is a varied, indirect course that is full of alternatives. And the person charged with navigating the route — the producer — often is regarded as the most important player in insurance. More

TAGS: Channel Management, Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization

Optimizing Multi-Channel

Sales force automation and enterprise incentive compensation systems not only help make insurers' sales efforts more productive, they also improve customer service, customer retention and compliance. More

TAGS: Channel Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization