Sales & Marketing Management

Marketing Resource Management

Across industries, Marketers are being increasingly challenged to do more with less. Bridge has extensive experience advising clients on how to most effectively allocate and how to most efficiently manage their marketing resources.

Faced with an increasingly complex array of customer segments, products/brands, channels, geographies, and marketing programs/promotions option, making the right resource allocation trade-offs is fundamental to achieving profitable growth. Moreover, as the pace of change quickens, many marketing professionals are looking to establish the organizational capabilities and process discipline to manage these trade-offs in a more systematic and fact-based manner.

Bridge has deep expertise in helping our clients address the core issues of marketing resource management:

  • Which segments of the market provide the greatest opportunities for profitable growth?
  • What are the key marketing bottlenecks for gaining greater access to these segments?
  • Which point(s) in the value chain provides the most efficient and effective opportunity for addressing these bottlenecks?
  • Which marketing and promotional vehicles and mix drive the optimal customer behavior?
  • How can I develop the organizational and process capabilities to ensure continuous improvement in my marketing return?
  • How can we best utilize our existing customer data for analytics to better understand trends and behaviors?

Bridge’s focus is centered on helping our client’s creating sustainable competitive advantage through the effective management of marketing resources. As such, our recommendations are rooted in a deep understanding of the value chain, competition, and our client’s product/brand positioning. By applying this knowledge in a practical and results-oriented manner, we seek to capture near-term growth and profit opportunities while establishing the foundation for ongoing improvements in marketing return.