Strategy & Execution

Developing an Effective Strategic Management Process that Drives Performance

An energy holding company, which includes a regulated utility and two unregulated businesses, was putting a new strategy in place that required aggressive top line and bottom line growth. Their existing planning, budgeting and performance management processes were not well coordinated, nor were they necessarily fostering the same desired behaviors. More

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Consumer Segment Profitable Growth Strategy

A leading microprocessor manufacturer with a foothold in the consumer market was looking to increase segment profitability. Bridge helped identify target segment opportunities through reallocation of marketing resources, repositioning of the value proposition (brand promise), and the establishment of a robust performance measures. More

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Consumer Segment Profitable Growth Strategy

Listening to the Voice of the Market

Despite its market leadership, a global building products manufacturer had consistently delivered sub-par profitability relative to its main competitors. More | PDF

Freshening Up Strategic Planning

We have recently come through times where it was quite common to hear that things are changing too quickly to make strategic planning worthwhile, or that ‘‘real-time’’ processes are required to deal with rapid market shifts and competitor moves — with more value being placed on quick reactions rather than on well-reasoned responses. More | PDF

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Freshening Up Strategic Planning

Affiliation and Attitudes Drive Teen Shopping Patterns

Qualitative research examines teen affiliation with various subcultures of “tribes” and reveals insights into the attitudes and behaviors driving shopping patterns of today’s teenagers. More

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Customer Relationship Management Comes of Age

As the applications and technologies used to organize and analyze customer information mature, IT executives, analysts and vendors are tackling some tough issues - how to take customer knowledge and make it actionable; how to measure return on investment tangibly from new and existing customer relationship initiatives; and how to leverage existing IT infrastructure and investments with new customer-facing applications. More

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