Banking & Asset Management

Over the past 18 months, financial services providers have experienced a rapidly shifting landscape - failure of long-term market leaders, frozen credit markets, eroding consumer demand, a rapidly shifting regulatory environment, and the emergence of stronger competitors due to consolidation. Finding a stable operating model in the new environment and rebuilding trust are the most significant imperatives for the leadership of financial institutions.

Bridge Strategy Group's Banking and Asset Management Practice helps the senior leadership of financial institutions with their most pressing strategic and operational problems. We go beyond articulating a strategy - we ensure the successful execution of strategy. Our leadership team brings a combination of pragmatic operational experience in a range of sectors as well as deep functional expertise across the enterprise. We serve clients in a range of sectors including:

  • Retail and Small Business Banking
  • Asset Management and Brokerage
  • Wealth Management
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Auto and Student Lending
  • Credit Cards

From a functional perspective our practice leaders have expertise in:

  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy
  • Channel Management, Sales Force Management
  • Operational Productivity Improvement
  • Product Innovation and Product Management
  • Information Technology Strategy and Business / IT Alignment
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Optimization
  • Shared Service Design and Implementation
  • Strategic Partner Evaluation, Merger Planning, and Post-Merger Integration

Managing Industrial Channels in Downturn

From light duty MRO and construction materials suppliers to heavy equipment manufacturers, the industrial manufacturing sector is suffering its worst decline in decades. More | PDF

TAGS: Business Planning, Channel Management, Marketing Resource Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Commercial & Industrial

Alliance Partnerships

In recent years (now known as ‘the good old days’) as utilities focused on capital projects to meet projected load growth¹, managers of supply chains faced a two-front battle — investing in growth while managing existing assets. More | PDF

TAGS: Strategic Sourcing, Operational Design and Performance Improvement

Integrated Procurement Approach

Our client was a consumer finance company with a dominant position in its chosen niche. Headcount was tightly managed, and the company's efficiency ratio was in the top quartile. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Strategic Sourcing, Banking & Asset Management

IT Organization Design and Outsourcing Analysis

Our client was a consumer finance company that had recently become public. It had historically been a good performer, in part because of a commitment to cost cutting and continuous improvement in core operations. More | PDF

TAGS: Outsourcing, Shared Services Design, IT Planning & Management, Banking & Asset Management

Merger Integration

Our client, a US-based specialty services division of a global bank, was acquired by a Top 10 retail and commercial bank. More | PDF

TAGS: M&A Support, Operations Architecture, IT Planning & Management, Banking & Asset Management

Merger Integration