Consumer & Retail

Changing consumer needs, competitive dynamics and market conditions, both domestically as well as internationally, continue to pose significant challenges to consumer companies and retailers alike. Mastering consumer insights, enhancing organizational capabilities, and pursuing operational excellence remain critical pillars for consumer and retail executives to foment innovation, support growth, and attain cost competitiveness.

Developing an intimate understanding of consumer profiles, behaviors and attitudes has never been more critical. Major shifts in U.S. demographics create opportunities for companies to establish deeper connections with various generational and ethnic consumer cohorts. In addition, the digital age has empowered individuals through unprecedented access to information. Consumers have not only become more savvy, skeptical and elusive, but have also learned to expect much more personalized and relevant interactions. Media fragmentation and message cluttering makes it even harder for organizations to establish an effective, credible and consistent dialogue with their core segments. As a result, traditional mass-market approaches are rapidly giving way to highly targeted (almost individualized) product offerings, promotional activities, advertising messages and in-store experiences.

Beyond domestic borders, developing economies around the world present substantial growth prospects, albeit equally large challenges. Think global, act local-appropriate localization of offerings, go-to-market strategies, and supply chain networks are as critical for manufacturers as proper localization of assortment, store formats and operating models are for retailers. New business models will inevitably emerge as organizations try to adapt to local consumer preferences, market dynamics, societal norms, and infrastructure limitations. Managing complexity is becoming a critical source of competitive advantage for companies aspiring to become true global players.

Bridge has worked closely with both consumer companies and retailers to help them not only address crucial strategic questions, but also implement critical growth, performance enhancement, and operational improvement initiatives.

Our experience in consumer industries includes broad product categories such as:

  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)-food, beverage, and household products
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Sporting Goods

In retail, Bridge has developed expertise across several types and formats:

  • Hardware
  • Grocery
  • Broad Line
  • Appare
  • Department Stores

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