This is a time of fundamental change. It’s not simply an issue of new supply choices, or reduced demand, or commodity volatility, or new technology, or regulatory uncertainty.  All are changing at the same time. There are challenges, but also great rewards for those who improve and innovate. 

We help our clients understand these complexities, and develop and implement strategies and near-term changes that position them for long term success.

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business unit strategy and business model innovation — including regulated electric and gas, retail, transmission, generation, non-regulated ventures and suppliers to the industry
  • M&A — corporate and asset transactions — strategy, diligence, integration, regulatory support
  • Solution and technology development (including retail solutions, smart grid, electric and natural gas transportation, and solar)
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Organizational design, development and performance management
  • Customer, community and regulatory engagement
  • Sustainability

Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Critical consisiderations in addressing the challenges and opportunities of distributed solar photovolatics: Distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) and associated net metering policies are fast becoming a business challenge for many regulated electric utilities. More | PDF

TAGS: Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Model Design, Supply, Delivery, Strategy, Solar, Regulatory Relations, GENERAL/ALL

Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Demand Growth: Realizing the Potential of Distributed Energy

Manisha Shah and John McNeel from the Energy Practice Group discuss drivers behind the renewed interest around Distributed Energy More | PDF

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Solutions Creation, Delivery, End Use Solutions, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

Designing a Purpose-Built Business to Win in the Retail Energy SMB Market

The deregulated Retail Energy market is a relatively young segment of the broader Energy industry, and one that continues to provide significant opportunities for Retail Energy Providers (REPs). While historical focus has been on large accounts interest has been rapidly shifting to capturing opportunities downmarket, particularly among small and medium business (SMB) customers. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Planning, New Market Entry, Brand Experience, Channel Management, Marketing Resource Management, Operations Architecture, Outsourcing, Strategy

One Plan Many Pieces

In these days of rising costs and higher expectations for all stakeholders, many companies are increasing their focus on strategic planning. More | PDF

TAGS: Business Planning, Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Regulatory Relations

One Plan Many Pieces

Nuclear Repairs No Easy Sale as Cheap Gas Hits Utilities

Mike Granowski, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, offers his perspectives to Bloomberg on how gas prices are impacting nuclear plant investments in the U.S. More

TAGS: Supply, Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Gas, Regulatory Relations

Leadership and Learning

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. " This often-quoted statement is taken from the speech that President John F. Kennedy was prepared to deliver on the day he was assassinated. More | PDF

TAGS: Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement

Customer Service in the Spotlight

The object is customer satisfaction, and electric companies are finding new ways to succeed. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Customer Operations, End Use Solutions, Operational Design and Performance Improvement

Going Back to Roots

The world of energy delivery has a mandate and opportunity for more fundamental changes More | PDF

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Delivery, Customer Operations, End Use Solutions