Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) provide a myriad of challenges and opportunities to utilities. While initial projections of 1,000,000 EVs by 2015 now appears aggressive based on initial adoption rates, utilities, at a minimum, need to have a strategy and plan in place to address potential impacts of EV adoption.

Understanding the EV ecosystem from EV OEMs to charging station OEMs to city permitting departments to regulators to neighboring utilities to interest groups to customers and evaluating business model alternatives positions you to define your EV strategy and objectives.

Identifying and analyzing key planning drivers such as pace of adoption, delivery risk tolerance, resource constraints, and regulatory climate, inform planning priorities.Finally, developing an integrated process model (across ecosystem stakeholders) as well as addressing pricing alternatives, service levels, communication channels, and regulatory approach provide planning detail to ensure success.

Bridge has direct experience, tools, and expertise to help ensure your EV strategy, plan, and capabilities position you to maximize value within the EV ecosystem and deliver an integrated customer experience that exceeds expectations.

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