End Use Solutions

The next generation of demand side management will empower customers with an unprecedented ability to make informed decisions about their energy usage. Utilities that get these programs right will benefit from real-time supply- demand balancing, enhanced preparedness for electric vehicle and other new end-use applications and distributed generation, and load regulating benefits of integrating renewable.

Demand side management has always been a complicated mix of   incentives, rates, device automation, marketing, and education, However significant value has remained untapped due to the inability for real-time information flow and verification of load shifting. For example, many utilities still do not include energy efficiency and demand response in supply plans as they “can’t count on those resources.” Smart Grid investments such as two-way information flows, real-time notifications of changes in supply costs, integration of home area networks, and the availability and analysis of huge volumes of data will allow for the realization of significant load shifting and conservation. 

Bridge helps utilities realize the value of demand side management programs by integrating program design and development with Smart Grid deployment as well as evolving trends around customer usage such as electric vehicles and distributed generation.