Supply is the lifeblood of the energy industry. From the exploration and production of natural gas and liquids to the generation of electricity by fossil, nuclear and renewables, companies that excel are amongst the leaders in the industry.

With the prospect for direct carbon emission restrictions likely receding to the distant future, the energy supply industry is facing strict new federal regulations on non-carbon air emissions, water use, and thermal pollution in addition to a patchwork of state and local restrictions on Exploration & Production and energy project development.  In this highly uncertain regulatory environment, power producers face the issue of aging assets and an increasingly complex task of portfolio management and optimization. Compounding this complexity is the rapidly maturing shale gas and liquid industry in North America promising abundant natural gas supplies but uncertainty related to long term prices as regulatory regimes impacting shale gas extraction are still evolving.Bridge Strategy has extensive experience in developing solutions for the supply sector that address issues such as business unit strategy, market assessment and entry strategies, acquisition & divestiture, portfolio optimization, operational improvement, performance management, and sourcing optimization.