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Factors such as Globalization, Technology Convergence, and Narrowing Windows for Differentiation are forcing executives to constantly evaluate their strategies and business models to respond to the quickly changing needs of customers and markets. Delivering more with less in this increasingly challenging environment is critical for long-term competitive advantage.

Decreasing product lifecycles means getting the right products and solutions to the market quickly. Balance needs to be struck between driving innovation, optimizing R&D and marketing spend, and reducing capital intensity, operating costs, and technology obsolescence risk. Capabilities should be developed to partner with customers across the globe while having a unique service proposition and go-to-market strategies tailored to the needs of the local markets.

Executives must synthesize knowledge across customers, technologies, products & solutions, channels, partners, and competitors to chart the right course for their organizations. It is at the intersection of these dimensions where value is created.

Bridge works closely with clients to understand how the technology markets are evolving, how to take advantage of these changes, and helps clients align and implement the right strategies and business models to drive enhanced value capture. Our experience extends across a wide range of high technology industries, including:

  • Wireline and Wireless service providers
  • Network Equipment/Infrastructure providers
  • Computer Hardware
  • High Tech Manufacturers
  • Enterprise Software

Getting Channel Marketing Right

A systematic approach to resource allocation drives top- and bottom-line value. More | PDF

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Getting Channel Marketing Right

Low-End PC Segment

Concerned that it may not be well positioned to become a leading and profitable player at the low-end of the PC market, a major computer components manufacturer engaged Bridge to understand and to quantify the opportunities in this segment of the market, as well as to establish critical strategic implications for the organization. More

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