Think Like a CFO, Part II

In the first installment of this article, we argued that today's CFOs are more comfortable than their predecessors with technology and more inclined to challenge IT professionals with tough questions before approving investment ideas. More

TAGS: IT Planning & Management, Insurance Information Technology Strategy & Planning

Think Like a CFO, Part I

After years of relative autonomy, senior IT executives at insurance companies are finding themselves increasingly under the thumb of tech-savvy CFOs charged with reducing costs. More

TAGS: IT Planning & Management, Insurance Information Technology Strategy & Planning

Reconstruct Your Business Around Your Customers

In an article titled “Reconstruct Your Business Around Customers”, Bridge Strategy’s CEO, Stephen E. Sheridan, and Dennis Rheault, describe how savvy companies are developing strategies for integrating their e-business capabilities across the entire business system to better develop customer relationships. More | PDF

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Reconstruct Your Business Around Your Customers

Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Although still in the early stages, interest in defined contribution (DC) health insurance has grown among carriers, intermediaries and employers. We believe there will be a sharp increase in DC plan adoption over the next few years. Carriers need to begin planning now or risk missing a significant opportunity. More | PDF

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Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Information Technology Annual Checkup

For general managers inside insurance companies, the annual information technology (IT) progress review is too often the coal in the Christmas stocking sure to darken holiday celebrations. More | PDF

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The Great Consumer Reset

Repositioning Your Business to Win in the Post-Recession Era Every day brings another story of economic gloom: struggling consumers or insolvent companies. More | PDF

Look Before You Leap

In March of 2010 after months of contentious debate, the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) was signed into law. More | PDF

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Look Before You Leap

Affiliation and Attitudes Drive Teen Shopping Patterns

Qualitative research examines teen affiliation with various subcultures of “tribes” and reveals insights into the attitudes and behaviors driving shopping patterns of today’s teenagers. More

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Navigating Distribution Channels

The route from carrier to consumer often is a varied, indirect course that is full of alternatives. And the person charged with navigating the route — the producer — often is regarded as the most important player in insurance. More

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New Era Crimps Health Insurance Profits

In an interview with Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine, John Stephens, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, predicts that plan profits will be squeezed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). More

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Seven Small Jewels of Consulting

Large firms may get all the attention, but that doesn't mean there aren't smaller firms quietly and relentlessly making a place for themselves in the consulting landscape. Just the opposite, in fact. By focusing their resources on exploring a specific niche — whether it is for clients or talent or a consulting philosophy — the following seven "small jewels" are doing a lot of interesting work, providing exciting opportunities to consultants willing to look beyond the big guns, and having a lot of fun in the bargain. More | PDF

Designing a Purpose-Built Business to Win in the Retail Energy SMB Market

The deregulated Retail Energy market is a relatively young segment of the broader Energy industry, and one that continues to provide significant opportunities for Retail Energy Providers (REPs). While historical focus has been on large accounts interest has been rapidly shifting to capturing opportunities downmarket, particularly among small and medium business (SMB) customers. More

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Listening to the Voice of the Market

Despite its market leadership, a global building products manufacturer had consistently delivered sub-par profitability relative to its main competitors. More | PDF

Low-End PC Segment

Concerned that it may not be well positioned to become a leading and profitable player at the low-end of the PC market, a major computer components manufacturer engaged Bridge to understand and to quantify the opportunities in this segment of the market, as well as to establish critical strategic implications for the organization. More

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2012 and Beyond: Health Payer Forecast

Health payers have much to consider in the coming months and years. Regardless of the direction of PPACA legislation, managing the cost of care continues to be the primary challenge. More

TAGS: Insurance Cost Management, Strategy & PPACA

Bridge Strategy consultants Stuart Gunn and John Stephens give their insights into PPACA's effects on health payers.