Published Article

Reconstruct Your Business
Around Your Customers

March 2002


By Dennis Rheault and Steve Sheridan, Published in Journal of Busines Strategy

Your customers reach you through numerous channels, but all those channels should have a single focus.

Despite all the positive changes internet technologies have brought to the business community, companies have had little success in managing customer relationships across their business. They’re finding it hard enough to evaluate the progress of individual customer relationship management efforts; managing numerous initiatives across multiple channels and back into the rest of the business seems a Herculean task.

The blame for this lies in the way e-businesses were built. Most companies reacted to the Internet by launching e-business initiatives, and, to give them priority and focus, they established separate e-business organizational units. Spun out from their bricks-and-mortar parents (because most executives believed everything moved too quickly on the Internet for traditional business structures to be effective) these separate units were saddled with overblown expectations about the potential revenue growth and cost savings they would achieve.

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