Case Study

Acquiring, Implementing and Managing Renewable Energy Sources

Client Situation

Our client made a strategic commitment to expand their use of cost-effective renewable resources and wanted to bootstrap a capability to perform ongoing evaluation of emerging clean energy technologies.


Evaluated and assessed current organizational structure and processes related to identification, assessment, prioritization, implementation, and tracking of renewables opportunities including CBDG:

  • Opportunities pertaining to customer-based distributed generation (e.g. PV, solar water heating, etc.)
  • Opportunities pertaining to bulk renewables (e.g. large scale solar, wind, etc.)
  • Opportunities pertaining to renewable generation within existing client generation facilities (e.g. biomass co-firing, etc.)

Examined organizational and process best practices regarding renewables (including CBDG) implemented at other leading utilities:

  • Conducted best practices interviews at a number of leading utilities on how they approach R&D/technology assessment, initiative development and assessment, and renewables-related business models (e.g. asset ownership and operation), governance structure and renewables processes
  • Utilized external research and data sources (secondary research)
  • Identified ways the client could improve by developing a more proactive strategy, defining governance, roles and responsibilities for the various organizations involved, and processes to assure an integrated, corporate-wide approach to addressing the many facets of planning and implementing a corporate renewables strategy (including CBDG) and the resulting portfolio of projects


  • Developed organizational and process recommendations that fit with client’s operating model culture, regulatory environment, and carbon reduction initiatives
  • Developed a database of best practices in how leading utilities address choosing, acquiring, implementing, and managing renewables, including customer-owned DG
  • Client is heavily drawing on our conclusions in the execution of their renewables strategy