Case Study

Developing a Consumer Segment Profitable Growth Strategy for the PC Market

Industry & Client Situation

A leading microprocessor manufacturer had historically leveraged product technologies, aggressive pricing, and marketing promotion to gain a foothold in the consumer market.

This client retained Bridge to develop a Consumer growth and profitability strategy while answering several key questions:

  • What are the requirements, both product and non-product, of the Consumer market?  How are these likely to evolve?
  • How do these requirements vary by end-user segment, customer, and sales channel?
  • What is the competitor’s Consumer market strategy and how can our client differentiate itself relative to the competition?
  • How can the company leverage and align with partners to support these efforts?
  • What actions should our client take to build a differentiated consumer position?
  • What are the right metrics to measure the success of this effort?


Working closely with the client team, Bridge:

  • Assessed current consumer desktop and mobile market dynamics;
  • Conducted a detailed customer and competitive profitability analysis; 
  • Identified high potential segments of the market and associated requirements;
  • Identified opportunities for competitive differentiation (e.g., product, marketing, channel, partnerships, etc.); and
  • Defined an implementation roadmap that details the actions required to realize the consumer market strategies.


The strategy creation process identified opportunities to refocus efforts on several high potential (growth and profit) segments of the market.  Bridge defined a implementation plan to capture target segment opportunities through reallocation of marketing resources, repositioning of the value proposition (brand promise), and the establishment of a robust performance measures.