Case Study

Developing a Comprehensive Distributed Generation Strategy for West Coast Utility

Developing a comprehensive Distributed Generation strategy for a West Coast utility—including an implementation plan and supporting models with a heavy emphasis on renewables and grid operations

Client Situation

Government mandates require our client to meet future demand requirements from AMI-enabled customer-sited renewable, distributed generation technologies.

To ensure that they could economically and reliably meet this mandate, the client retained Bridge to develop a distributed generation strategy that could facilitate DG adoption up to 10% of current load.


  • Assessed customer needs and requirements
  • Evaluated technical potential by segment for key DG technologies
  • Conducted market research and customer interviews to assess customer needs regarding DG
  • Constructed future DG adoption profiles under various scenarios
  • Assessed impact of distributed generation on the integrated resource plan (supply and demand)
  • Developed generation profiles for each DG technology
  • Assessed energy and capacity value through least cost dispatch modeling
  • Refined IRP strategy considering DG, DSM and other supply-side options
  • Determined transmission & distribution requirements and impacts
  • Evaluated T&D enhancements required to support DG
  • Assessed customer and utility-sited DG impact on system planning
  • Developed capital and O&M budgets regarding T&D impacts
  • Formulated business models to best position DG and achieve company and community goals
  • Profiled alternative business model options regarding DG
  • Assessed key stakeholder implications of each alternative business model
  • Performed financial modeling of alternative business models (various adoption scenarios)
  • Developed regulatory and policy strategy
  • Developed strategies for regulatory and policy approaches to support DG
  • Modeled economic impact associated with various regulatory policy scenarios
  • Developed strategy and plan to build public support


Recommendations have been well received by executives and key customers, with plans being developed for implementation.