Case Study

Developing a Growth Strategy for Entering the Mobile PC Market

Industry & Client Situation

A leading microprocessor manufacturer needed to create a strategy to support its entry into the Enterprise Mobile PC market.  While success had been achieved in Consumer markets, the unique requirements and competitive intensity of the Enterprise market required a new approach to product marketing and solution development.


Bridge deployed a small team to rapidly develop and enterprise growth strategy for the mobile product division.  Together with the client team, Bridge:

  • Identified the requirements, both product and non-product, of the Enterprise segment;
  • Mapped requirements to select segments where the company was most likely to successfully compete;
  • Integrated target segment requirements into product line planning process; and
  • Defined the non-product requirements contributing to a compelling Enterprise solution.

Finally, we organized the strategy into a series of execution programs and designed and implementation roadmap.


The strategy development process identified that product and non-product capabilities needed to be bolstered to successful enter the enterprise market.  The strategy defined the product, platform, business process, solution, and sales & marketing programs required for success and mapped out an implementation roadmap.  As a result of the work, Bridge was engaged to support the implementation of several work streams and broaden the scope of work to include the desktop marketing division.  Client has launched client solutions into the commercial marketplace and is beginning to gain traction in the Enterprise commercial segment.