Case Study

Developing a Winning Solar Go-to-Market Strategy for the U.S. Utility Market

Industry & Client Situation

A leading global provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems faced a market with many challenges including aggressive new entrants, excess supply, rapidly decreasing prices, and deteriorating margins. Against this backdrop, our client needed to develop an actionable strategy to better serve and penetrate the rapidly expanding U.S. utility market. They asked Bridge Strategy to help them:

  • Create a solid, fact-based foundation for understanding the future direction and composition of the solar industry and U.S. utility marketplace
  • Understand key drivers of the U.S solar industry structure and conduct that will shape opportunities for profitable growth and competitive advantage
  • Leverage emerging strategic insights to inform near-term (as well as longer-term) business planning efforts (operations, technology, marketing, etc.)
  • Ensure appropriate involvement of the strategy committee under the Board, senior management, and other stakeholders in the effort


Bridge Strategy Group undertook a multifaceted go to market strategy development process that involved multiple integrated activities:

  • Conducted utility customer voice of the market workshops regarding solar needs
  • Performed utility attractiveness and targeting to prioritize prospects  
  • Codified a winning value proposition and sources of differentiations to the utilities
  • Reviewed the solar and utility industries and sized potential markets
  • Analyzed competitive solution economics to forecast costs, margins, and pricing
  • Developed solution fit analysis, with resulting development priorities and roadmaps
  • Formulated initial channel partner strategy, requirements, and priorities
  • Created the organizational structure, business case and scenario sensitivity analysis
  • Developed go-to-market playbooks including potential customers, partners, and potential projects in select areas  
  • During conduct of the work, Bridge Strategy worked closely with the client teams to review our market-based insights and drive near-term plans for products, pricing and channel development. We also held regular review with the Board’s strategy committee to elicit their input and gain support for the recommendations Bridge developed jointly with the management team.  


The strategy was ratified by the broad management team. Bridge helped connect the strategy to near-term business planning efforts as the utility group was formally launched to address the market opportunity. With the momentum established with key utilities under the voice of the market workshops, the client is building on an opportunity pipeline and stands well-positioned for success.