Case Study

Reorganizing for Market Focus

industry & client situation

A leading not-for-profit R&D organization, dedicated to the development and deployment of technology solutions for the gas industry and its customers, had recently complete a strategic planning process to rep/lace declining Federal Government funds with industry/private sector funds. As the organization embarked on implementing its strategic plan, it was quickly apparent it lacked the alignment and characteristics required to achieve its aggressive growth goals (tripling revenues in 3-5 years).  Grants and other sources of funding had reached a plateau, projects were increasingly focused on technical issues rather than market-based needs, and executives were deeply “siloed” and failed to function as a true leadership team.


Bridge Strategy Group worked with the new CEO to transform an enterprise organized around technical competencies, inwardly focused and without a clear strategy.  Teams were formed to develop a more market focused organization, and through data-gathering and analysis, coupled with interviews in the marketplace, three broad (and new) sectors were proposed, each focused on a discrete segment of the energy value chain and client needs in each sector.  Seven R&D groups were reconstituted in support of each of the three sectors.

Bridge facilitated working sessions and executive reviews.Tailored strategies (with appropriate resources and success benchmarks) were developed, evaluated ,and confirmed.  A systematic evaluation of each sector’s portfolios was also conducted with the aim of rationalizing offerings and competencies. 

Subsequently, an executive offsite with pre-reading requirements, group working sessions and breakouts was conducted. This offsite successfully addressed and began resolving game-breaking issues critical to the organization’s longer-term success, including:  “What is our mission as an enterprise?  Who are our stakeholders and what do they require?  What will success look like and what are the implications for our near- and longer-term priorities?” Post ofsite, Bridge facilitated requirements definition that drove the design of the new organization structure and associated focus of the executive team.


After working with Bridge for several months, the executive team (which included new members sourced from the outside) had an aligned view of the energy marketplace, of the enterprise’s mission and vision, and of aggressive business targets to be achieved through successful execution of sector-focused strategies.  Having worked together to develop that unified perspective, the executive group began demonstrating the attributes of a true “team at the top” – and three years down the road have achieved their growth goals.