Case Study

Solar PV Go-to-Market Strategy

Helping a global provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems create a strategy for profitably entering the U.S. utility market

Industry & Client Situation

A global provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems faced significant challenges in growing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. These challenges came on several fronts including new entrants, excess capacity, and rapid price compression resulting in deteriorating margins. Against this backdrop, our client wanted to create a strategy to profitably enter the rapidly evolving U.S. Utility market with increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources to satisfy regulators and customers. It was therefore critically important to understand which portions of the market valued the differentiating characteristics of our client's offering and develop the best go-to-market strategy to quickly stake out a position in those segments of the market.


A team was formed with Bridge and client members to attack the opportunity with multiple integrated activities:

  • Conducted voice of the market (VOM) workshops to define utility requirements and service needs
  • Analyzed competitive solution economics to forecast costs, margins, and pricing
  • Performed solution fit analysis across alternative segments and applications (e.g., for rooftop mounts, which types of buildings and regions) to prioritize target markets and refine the product development roadmaps
  • Formulated channel partner strategies to reach the target segments including specific partner requirements
  • Developed the business case and scenario sensitivity analysis
  • Created the organizational structure to support the strategy
  • Developed detailed go-to-market playbooks including potential customers, partners, and potential projects in high priority markets

Finally, we organized the strategy into a series of execution programs and designed an implementation roadmap with key responsibilities and milestones. 


The strategy defined our clients winning value proposition and outlined an integrated set of initiatives to address this market opportunity. Bridge connected the strategy to near-term business planning efforts as the Utility group was formally launched. With momentum established with key Utilities in the voice of the market (VOM) workshops, our client is building on an opportunity pipeline and stands well-positioned for success.