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Going Back to Roots

By Michael Chesser and John Marshall, EnergyBiz

The world of energy delivery has a mandate and opportunity for more fundamental changes.

While much of the industry focuses on major changes and investments in the generation side of our business, the world of energy delivery has the opportunity, and in some ways, the mandate, for even more fundamental change.

At Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), we are aligning our investments in our infrastructure and our people to take a leadership role in this change.

A new model, which we call our “Delivery System of the Future,” is reshaping how we deliver energy and how we work with our customers. This is an extension of the strategic intent we developed last year, which emphasizes innovation and customer partnership.

Fundamentally, this approach delivers greater value to customers through greater customization, and a new level of collaboration between utilities and customers to shape load in response to market conditions. There is tremendous value from a variety of sources to be realized from these efforts. For example, a reduction in peak demand can reduce unplanned outages, which reduce dispatching and maintenance costs as well as avoid the cost of generation.

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