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Kansas City Power & Light Embraces Balanced Scorecard Concept

February 2012

Providing reliable service at a reasonable price should be the goal of all utilities.

But unless individual employees maintain their focus on the goals of the organization, inefficiencies creep in and reliability slides. How does an organization create the measures that keep all of its members focused on the same targets? And how does an organization gain the support from its team members to buy into the direction of the organization?

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L; Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.) decided to embrace the "balanced scorecard concept," which, when properly implemented, enables workers to compare actual performance against company targets and take action accordingly. The scorecard concept must be supported by first-line supervision, and the communication must be relevant and timely. Above all, utilities must avoid the trap of having the scorecard perceived as just another management fad to be rolled out with fanfare, only to fade away over time.

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