In the Media


February 2012

KCP&L’s energy efficiency forum was a catalyst for community conversation.

Kansas City Power & Light’s commitment to energy efficiency first gained momentum in 2004 during the planning phase for the region’s energy plan. Striking the right balance to manage the issues of increasing demand, economic growth, energy efficiency, affordability, clean air and healthy environment was a delicate process. Through collaboration with several stakeholders, KCP&L came up with a Comprehensive Energy Plan that invests in several areas: new generation, including renewable wind energy; innovative energy efficiency, affordability and demand-response programs; infrastructure improvements; and proactive environmental investments.

The company believes that collaborating with the community and its customers is the best way for all to become more efficient users of electricity and to responsibly manage demand while reducing the community’s carbon footprint. In September 2007, Kansas City Power & Light and partners hosted the Kansas City Energy Efficiency Forum. Partners included the Kansas Energy Council, Missouri Energy Development Association (MEDA), Aquila, Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Greater KC Chamber, Sierra Club and AARP.

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