Alliance Partnerships

In recent years (now known as ‘the good old days’) as utilities focused on capital projects to meet projected load growth¹, managers of supply chains faced a two-front battle — investing in growth while managing existing assets. More | PDF

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Is Now the Time for NGVs?

The emergence of America’s alternative fuel consciousness could mean more natural gas vehicles will soon hit the road. In the August/September issue of American Gas, Robert Zabors, Director with Bridge Strategy Group, and Manisha Shah, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, provide their perspectives on the prospects of Natural Gas Vehicles. More | PDF

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Is Now the Time for NGVs?

One Plan Many Pieces

In these days of rising costs and higher expectations for all stakeholders, many companies are increasing their focus on strategic planning. More | PDF

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One Plan Many Pieces

Winning Strategy Winning Culture

Faced with the challenges of developing a long-term strategy for profitable growth and engaging his organization to make the strategy happen, Mike Chesser, CEO of Great Plains Energy (GPE), and his COO, Bill Downey, began with a set of beliefs to guide the strategy development effort. More | PDF

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Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Critical consisiderations in addressing the challenges and opportunities of distributed solar photovolatics: Distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) and associated net metering policies are fast becoming a business challenge for many regulated electric utilities. More | PDF

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Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Beyond the Smart Meter

Despite the operational and demand response benefits of smart meters, the business case remains elusive for many companies due to factors such as high AMI installation costs. More | PDF

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Creating and Capturing the Option Value in Regulated Assets

As utility deregulation and unbundling continues, and utilities reorganize business units and transfer assets, options valuation becomes more important. More | PDF

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The Case for Natural Gas Demand Growth

The Energy Practice Group illustrates the growth potential for Natural Gas in North America to the AGA Financial Forum More

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Developing Comprehensive Energy Plans for a New York City Utility

Developing comprehensive long range electric, gas and steam plans for a New York City utility, backed by strategic planning, financial analyses and the facilitation of cross-functional working sessions. More | PDF

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Developing a Utility-Centric Perspective on Smart Grid

A leading global supplier of electrical products and services, focused historically on serving the commercial and industrial marketplace, became increasingly intrigued with opportunities in the utility industry anticipated from SmartGrid investments. More | PDF

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Re-Organizing Distribution to More Cost Effectively Achieve High Reliability and Safety

The electric distribution business of a mid-size utility needed to create an organizational structure to deliver the strategic goal of operational excellence while driving out costs. More | PDF

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Reorganizing for Market Focus

A leading not-for-profit gas solutions and services company had shifted focus from the public sector to the private sector. At the same time, projects were increasingly focused on technical issues rather than market-based needs. Executives were deeply “siloed” and struggled to function as a true leadership team amidst the changes, More

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KCPL Embraces Scorecard

Providing reliable service at a reasonable price should be the goal of all utilities. But unless individual employees maintain their focus on the goals of the organization, inefficiencies creep in and reliability slides. More | PDF

Powering the Heartland

After a series of stumbles, Great Plains Energy has emerged as a model for the utility industry — and as a pick-me-up for investors. More | PDF


KCP&L’s energy efficiency forum was a catalyst for community conversation. More | PDF