Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Although still in the early stages, interest in defined contribution (DC) health insurance has grown among carriers, intermediaries and employers. We believe there will be a sharp increase in DC plan adoption over the next few years. Carriers need to begin planning now or risk missing a significant opportunity. More | PDF

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Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Capturing the Self Funded Market Opportunity

Going forward, the self funded segment will need to be a stronger contributor to revenue and operating margin, as PPACA implementation is likely to erode the profitability of the fully insured group market and increase the relative share of self funded business within the group market. More

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Capturing the Self Funded Market Opportunity

Keeping Your "I" on Growth Planning

Faced with the traumatic economic and geopolitical events, most companies have focused their business planning almost exclusively on driving efficiencies through every component of operations. More | PDF

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Look Before You Leap

In March of 2010 after months of contentious debate, the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) was signed into law. More | PDF

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Look Before You Leap

Large Group Market Segmentation Strategy & Design

Our client, a large health insurance payer, asked Bridge to help develop an approach to segmenting and servicing their large commercial group market. Our primary objective was to improve the alignment of sales and account management practices with customer (both group and intermediary) needs. More

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Providing Distinctive, Cost Effective Service in Health Insurance

Facing double digit growth in care costs, rising consumer expectations, and product & service commoditization, a large healthcare company wanted to explore ways to increase sustainable advantage through service and operations. More

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Long-Term Payor Strategy

One of the nation’s largest health care insurers needed to create a long-range (seven year) strategic plan that allowed it to continue rapid growth and remain an industry leader. Greater industry consolidation was restricting the company’s continuing ability to grow through acquisition. In addition, the health insurance industry was facing double-digit growth in care costs, as well as rising consumer expectations and product commoditization. More

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Producer Compensation Design

Our client, a multi-state payer, faced producer compensation costs that were growing in absolute terms and as a percentage of total administrative costs. The client asked Bridge to help develop and launch a revamped producer tiering and compensation program that would reward their top producers, while reigning in cost growth. More

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New Era Crimps Health Insurance Profits

In an interview with Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine, John Stephens, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, predicts that plan profits will be squeezed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). More

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2012 and Beyond: Health Payer Forecast

Health payers have much to consider in the coming months and years. Regardless of the direction of PPACA legislation, managing the cost of care continues to be the primary challenge. More

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Bridge Strategy consultants Stuart Gunn and John Stephens give their insights into PPACA's effects on health payers.