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Defined Contribution Health Insurance

As employer contributions to employee health benefit costs have continued their steep rise (nearly doubling over the past decade), employers have taken a number of steps to rein in healthcare costs: Tweaking plan design and increasing employee cost sharing Adopting self-funded arrangements Launching employee health and wellness programs Adopting high deductible health plans (HDHPs) Now there is another option for employers to address rising costs:  defined contribution (DC) health plans. More | PDF

TAGS: Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization, Strategy & PPACA, Healthcare Distribution, Commercial Healthcare, GENERAL/ALL

Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Information Technology Annual Checkup

For general managers inside insurance companies, the annual information technology (IT) progress review is too often the coal in the Christmas stocking sure to darken holiday celebrations. More | PDF

TAGS: IT Planning & Management, Insurance Information Technology Strategy & Planning

The Great Consumer Reset

Repositioning Your Business to Win in the Post-Recession Era Every day brings another story of economic gloom: struggling consumers or insolvent companies. More | PDF

Look Before You Leap

In March of 2010 after months of contentious debate, the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) was signed into law. More | PDF

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Business Planning, Strategy & PPACA, Commercial Healthcare

Look Before You Leap

Agency Management Best Practices

As a very unpredictable year draws to a close, and carriers look ahead to an uncertain 2010, the time is ripe for a review of core agency management practices to ensure they position both carriers and agents to capitalize on the new opportunities that will inevitably arise as we emerge from the current recession. More | PDF

TAGS: Sales Force Effectiveness, Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization

Demand Growth: Realizing the Potential of Distributed Energy

Members of the Bridge Strategy Group Energy Practice discuss drivers behind the renewed interest around Distributed Energy. Download a PDF of the Presentation . More | PDF

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Solutions Creation, Delivery, End Use Solutions, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

Capturing the Self Funded Market Opportunity

Employer sponsored insurance is the leading source of health insurance in the U. S. , providing coverage for over 150 million people. In this market, more than half the members are in self funded plans. More

TAGS: Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization, Strategy & PPACA

Capturing the Self Funded Market Opportunity

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Will electricity demand ever emerge from the darkness of its current no-growth tunnel? That question has confounded utility executives since the 2008-2009 recession pushed electricity demand growth into negative territory—breaking a string of steady, if not spectacular, growth that began with the end of World War II. More

TAGS: Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), End Use Solutions, Strategy, Solar