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Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Critical consisiderations in addressing the challenges and opportunities of distributed solar photovolatics: Distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) and associated net metering policies are fast becoming a business challenge for many regulated electric utilities. More | PDF

TAGS: Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Model Design, Supply, Delivery, Strategy, Solar, Regulatory Relations, GENERAL/ALL

Distributed Solar PV: Challenge and Opportunity

Demand Growth: Realizing the Potential of Distributed Energy

Members of the Bridge Strategy Group Energy Practice discuss drivers behind the renewed interest around Distributed Energy. Download a PDF of the Presentation . More | PDF

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Solutions Creation, Delivery, End Use Solutions, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

Designing a Purpose-Built Business to Win in the Retail Energy SMB Market

The deregulated Retail Energy market is a relatively young segment of the broader Energy industry, and one that continues to provide significant opportunities for Retail Energy Providers (REPs). More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Planning, New Market Entry, Brand Experience, Channel Management, Marketing Resource Management, Operations Architecture, Outsourcing, Strategy

One Plan Many Pieces

In these days of rising costs and higher expectations for all stakeholders, many companies are increasing their focus on strategic planning. More | PDF

TAGS: Business Planning, Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Regulatory Relations

One Plan Many Pieces

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Will electricity demand ever emerge from the darkness of its current no-growth tunnel? That question has confounded utility executives since the 2008-2009 recession pushed electricity demand growth into negative territory—breaking a string of steady, if not spectacular, growth that began with the end of World War II. More

TAGS: Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), End Use Solutions, Strategy, Solar