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Supply Chain Performance Management

While viewed as the undisputed sector leader, a global wholesaler and distributor wanted to be the best of the best across all distributors and world-class companies, recognized by customers and business partners as providing superior value. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations and Strategic IT

Optimizing Service and Inventory Performance

A leading distributor struggled to achieve target service levels despite historically high inventory levels. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations and Strategic IT

Establishing the Foundation for S&OP Excellence

A leading wholesale distributor faced challenges in capturing critical customer and field sales input and successfully integrating this information into forecasting, inventory, and service planning processes. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations and Strategic IT

Core Insurance Systems Replacement - Build vs Buy

Our client was a commercial lines carrier serving the liability insurance needs of a very unique market. More

TAGS: Operations Architecture, IT Planning & Management, Insurance Information Technology Strategy & Planning

Reorganizing for Market Focus

A leading not-for-profit R&D organization, dedicated to the development and deployment of technology solutions for the gas industry and its customers, had recently complete a strategic planning process to rep/lace declining Federal Government funds with industry/private sector funds. More

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Gas

Designing a Purpose-Built Business to Win in the Retail Energy SMB Market

The deregulated Retail Energy market is a relatively young segment of the broader Energy industry, and one that continues to provide significant opportunities for Retail Energy Providers (REPs). More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Planning, New Market Entry, Brand Experience, Channel Management, Marketing Resource Management, Operations Architecture, Outsourcing, Strategy

Large Group Market Segmentation Strategy & Design

Our client, a large health insurance payor, asked Bridge to help develop an approach to segmenting and servicing their large commercial group market. More

TAGS: Channel Management, Operations Architecture, Strategy & PPACA, Commercial Healthcare

Opening the Black-Box of IT Spend Efficiency

A global diversified industrial goods company was dissatisfied with the return on its investment in information technology. More | PDF

TAGS: Outsourcing, IT Planning & Management, Commercial & Industrial

Orchestrating Organization-Wide Cultural Change

A large investor-owned public utility hired a new CEO who believed that the utility needed a new enterprise strategy that acknowledged and reflected a multitude of changes likely in the coming decade (technological, regulatory, macroeconomic, and otherwise). More | PDF

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Strategy, GENERAL/ALL

Optimizing Service Delivery

Insurance brokering has changed significantly in recent years. Consolidation has been ongoing, with fewer brokers each year than the last. Service expectations of customers, regulators, and even carriers have been rising. More | PDF

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Insurance Cost Management