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Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings

Blending over a decade of strategy consulting experience and hands-on general management experience with industrial and consumer goods companies, Throughout his consulting career, Mike has advised industrial, consumer and high tech clients. More

TAGS: Strategy & Execution, Sales & Marketing Management, Operations Architecture, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Shared Services Design, Strategic Sourcing, Solar, Consumer & Retail, Insurance Cost Management, Insurance Distribution Channel Optimization, , Financial Sponsors, , Commercial & Industrial, Technology & Telecom

Paul Cho

Paul Cho

Paul has extensive experience in developing business strategies, commercializing technologies and improving operational performance for his clients across number of industries including energy, healthcare, technology, insurance and industrial. More

TAGS: Business Planning, M&A Support, GENERAL/ALL, , Operations Architecture, Shared Services Design, Strategic Sourcing, GENERAL/ALL, Energy, , Insurance, , , Healthcare, , Technology & Telecom

White Papers

Five Cost Management Strategies Often Overlooked

With no shortage of techniques available for managing and reducing costs, from activity value analysis to reengineering to automation, an outside observer might think little remains to be done on the cost front inside most insurance companies. More

TAGS: Portfolio Complexity, Shared Services Design, Strategic Sourcing, Insurance Cost Management

Published Articles

Building a Solutions—Based Organization

Building a Solutions—Based Organization

... it and doing it are two different things. “We need to become a customerfocused, high-value, solutions provider!” the CEO thundered. With that, the eyes of every member of the senior staff turned on the... More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Business Planning, Business Model Design, Solutions Creation, Channel Management, Marketing Resource Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Pricing Strategy, Shared Services Design, IT Planning & Management, Commercial & Industrial

Case Studies

IT Organization Design and Outsourcing Analysis

Our client was a consumer finance company that had recently become public. It had historically been a good performer, in part because of a commitment to cost cutting and continuous improvement in core operations. More

TAGS: Outsourcing, Shared Services Design, IT Planning & Management, Banking & Asset Management