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Leadership and Learning

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. " This often-quoted statement is taken from the speech that President John F. Kennedy was prepared to deliver on the day he was assassinated. More

TAGS: Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement

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KCPL Interconnects Enterprise

More than a decade ago, Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) began a major initiative to improve customer service and enhance operational efficiency by automating... More

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... catalyst for community conversation. Kansas City Power & Light’s commitment to energy efficiency first gained momentum in 2004 during the planning phase for the region’s energy plan. Striking the right... More

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Powering the Heartland

After a series of stumbles, Great Plains Energy has emerged as a model for the utility industry — and as a pick-me-up for investors. More

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KCPL Embraces Scorecard

... price should be the goal of all utilities. But unless individual employees maintain their focus on the goals of the organization, inefficiencies creep in and reliability slides. How does an organization create the measures... More

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New Era Crimps Health Insurance Profits

In an interview with Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine, John Stephens, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, predicts that plan profits will be squeezed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). More

TAGS: Strategy & PPACA

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Ernst Csiszar on Future of Insurance Market

Industry veteran Ernst Csiszar, a University of South Carolina faculty member and recently named insurance industry director for Bridge Strategy Group, talks about why he does not believe the insurance market will harden in 2009. More

TAGS: Insurance

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Affiliation and Attitudes Drive Teen Shopping Patterns

Qualitative research examines teen affiliation with various subcultures of “tribes” and reveals insights into the attitudes and behaviors driving shopping patterns of today’s teenagers. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Brand Experience, Consumer & Retail

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Customer Service in the Spotlight

The object is customer satisfaction, and electric companies are finding new ways to succeed. More

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Customer Operations, End Use Solutions, Operational Design and Performance Improvement

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Going Back to Roots

The world of energy delivery has a mandate and opportunity for more fundamental changes . More

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Delivery, Customer Operations, End Use Solutions