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Value of an EP Company

Understanding the Intrinsic Value of an Exploration and Production Company After years of rapid production growth, high natural gas and oil prices, and plentiful reserves made them a darling on Wall Street, the economic downturn and commodity price volatility of 2008 caused a worse-than-market drop in a small-cap exploration and production company's stock price. More

TAGS: Business Planning, Portfolio Complexity, Business Model Design, Supply, Strategy, Gas

Published Articles

Is Now the Time for NGVs?

Is Now the Time for NGVs?

The emergence of America’s alternative fuel consciousness could mean more natural gas vehicles will soon hit the road. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Supply, Strategy, Gas

John McNeel

John McNeel

John has more than 30 years of energy consulting experience across generation and distribution, including strategic planning, marketing and sales, performance improvement, asset management, and systems. More

TAGS: Supply, Delivery, Customer Operations, Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Smart Grid, Gas, Electric Vehicles (EV), Solar, Regulatory Relations

Case Studies

Creating a Longe Range Gas Plan

A leading New York utility wanted to develop a comprehensive 20-year plan for its gas business to 1) address shareholder pressures on capital and regulatory uncertainty, 2) Optimize management realignments, and the desire to reshape aspects of the culture, and 3) Focus on system integrity and growth (with expected decrease in gas prices) and selected Bridge to support the effort. More

TAGS: Business Planning, Delivery, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

Case Studies

Reorganizing for Market Focus

... gas solutions and services company had shifted focus from the public sector to the private sector. At the same time, projects were increasingly focused on technical issues rather than market-based needs. ... More

TAGS: Operations Architecture, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Gas

Natural Gas

... to declining natural gas demand in traditional residential, commercial, and industrial direct use segments. Gas-fired generation and transportation could power the gas growth... More


White Papers

The Case for Natural Gas Demand Growth

The Energy Practice Group illustrates the growth potential for Natural Gas in North America to the AGA Financial Forum. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Supply, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

White Papers

Demand Growth: Realizing the Potential of Distributed Energy

Manisha Shah and John McNeel from the Energy Practice Group discuss drivers behind the renewed interest around Distributed Energy. More

TAGS: Customer (Market) Insights, Growth Strategies (Profitable Growth), Solutions Creation, Delivery, End Use Solutions, Strategy, Gas, Regulatory Relations

In the Press

Nuclear Repairs No Easy Sale as Cheap Gas Hits Utilities

Mike Granowski, Principal with Bridge Strategy Group, offers his perspectives to Bloomberg on how gas prices are impacting nuclear plant investments in the U. S. More

TAGS: Supply, Strategy, Operational Design and Performance Improvement, Gas, Regulatory Relations